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Stand Up For Women Rally – Grand Forks 3.25.13

Stand Up For Women Rally – Grand Forks 3.25.13

by Unedited Media

On the heels of the most repressive anti-abortion legislation in the country, Spring broke through the tough crust of winter with a bang on Monday.  In cities across North Dakota, women came out by the hundreds to oppose legislation that cuts to the core of their basic freedoms.  The message was clear, the ND state legislature and Governor Dalrymple have no right to impose the kinds of restrictions this legislation calls for.  The new legislation calls for a complete ban on abortion, regardless of circumstance (rape, threat to the health of the mother, etc.), in what was described by one protester as “An assault on women’s dignity.”

In Grand Forks at least 107 protesters gathered at the corner of Demers Avenue and South Washington to voice their outrage and disgust with the new legislation sitting on Governor Dalrymple’s desk, waiting to be either vetoed or signed into law, with a Thursday deadline.  The tone was not one of desperation or uncertainty, but rather a hardened resolve that this legislation  unacceptable.  The demand for a veto from Dalrymple was no cry in the wilderness, but rather the unified voice of the women of North Dakota.  As protesters passed around the bullhorn to lead chants, those demands and reprisals  were echoed by the cheers of protesters as passing drivers honked in solidarity.

While the vast majority of crowd composed of women, there was a substantial contingent of men standing side by side in solidarity.  The atmosphere was by no means somber, but rather lively.  When the occasional hostile driver screamed profanity and insults at the demonstrators, they simply cheered louder.  This was not the result of a lack of seriousness, but rather the aggregate confidence of the women of North Dakota.  Women who know that this legislation, even if it’s signed into law, is not the last word.  The legislature has awoken a sleeping giant.  In order for this legislation to be adopted into law, it must first be voted on in a general election.  At the time of this writing, there are already rumblings of more rallies throughout the state later this week.  The show of force we all witnessed on Monday is only the beginning.

UPDATE:  Governor Jack Dalrymple has, as of Tuesday morning, signed all three pieces of legislation into law.  A second rally has been called for in Grand Forks and a new Women’s Organization has been created.  The fight continues.

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