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GF Women’s Rally – 3.29.13

GF Women’s Rally – 3.29.13

by Unedited Media

On Monday, March 28th women and supporters rallied across North Dakota. Rallies held in Minot, Bismarck, Fargo and Grand Forks participants numbered in the hundreds.  In North Dakota’s capitol a press conference organized by Stand up for Women ND stated their opposition and hopes that  Governor Dalrymple veto bills: HB 1305,HB 1456, and SB 2305.

 Tuesday, March 29th the Governor of North Dakota signed all 3 bills into law. These bills will take effect August 1st 2013. Women’s groups have formed out of Monday’s rallies in both Grand Forks, North Dakota and Minot, North Dakota.

 Grand Forks Women’s Organization is working to continue to fight against the recent bills in the legislature which one protester called an “an assault on women’s dignity.”

Grand Forks Women’s Organization has organized a Rally in March in Grand Forks, North Dakota for 3/29/2013.

UPDATE:  The Rally in March was well attended, as 76 demonstrators showed up to voice their outrage at the continuing attack on Women’s Rights in North Dakota (pretty good for a Good Friday).  The fight continues.

Watch video here.

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