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Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead Minnesota “Stand With Ferguson & Mike Brown: End Police Brutality”


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Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead Minnesota “Stand With Ferguson & Mike Brown: End Police Brutality”

People gathered for Vigil for Mike Brown

On August 19th, 2014, a week and a half after the protests in Ferguson began, 70 people stood on a bridge connecting Moorhead, MN, to Fargo, ND, at #solidarity rally for Micheal Brown. The held signs some reading: “I stand with Ferguson,MO,” “Justice for Mike Brown,” “Stop Police Brutality.” I walked the line of people and asked them what had brought them out?

End Police Brutality

The first person I spoke to stated “Solidarity.” Something I heard multiple times from the people standing on the border of Minnesota and North Dakota. They wanted people in Ferguson, MO, to know, that even in the North, they’re being heard.

Police Should Not Murder

I asked if they felt what happen to Mike Brown was common and I was met with “Yes. That the issue of police brutality is a deep rooted social issue and needed to change. I was told that the way the police came out in force couldn’t be allowed anywhere in the United States. That if people allowed the police to respond to protests in this way it sets a precedent. That it can’t be allowed.

Justice for Mike Brown

I finally ended up at a group of five people, four young women and a young man. I asked them the same questions, Why they had come? Was it important?

They all said that they were their to stand with Ferguson, MO. Like everyone else I spoke too, but then told me that this can’t be allowed. That it has to change, because it’s going to affect them the most. If the police are allowed to get away with brutality. The young woman I was speaking too stopped, and then mumbled, “I know we’re just teenagers.”

I thanked them, and walked away, but then came back. I asked them if it was okay to know their age, and she said, “Sure, We’re sixteen.” They then told me that they’re the ones who will be the future, and they want to change the world now. They also stated that the rally on this bridge was a just a beginning of what started in Ferguson.

I asked them if they felt like what happened in Ferguson started a movement. They said, “Yeah, this is just the beginning.” I finished by finding out that they felt that their generation knew what was going on in the world. They got all their information from social media, and that they know what’s happening.

Listening to the youth.

I spoke to twelve people and listened to conversations. I don’t know what to think of my short time on that bridge. I just know that the communities in Ferguson who’ve come out in protest of the killing of a unarmed teenager at the hands of the police. Who’ve taken the streets for over a week in protests against the killing and escalating police tactics. They’re being heard. And that two communities one from North Dakota, and one from Minnesota, met on that bridge to stand with the community of Ferguson, MO.


Seek Justice


by @uneditedcamera

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