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Mar 29

Come and take a walk with me…

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Come and Take a Walk with Me
               Finally, I bent over and picked a sprig of sage – whose ancestors in 1890 had                    been nourished by the blood of Red babies, ripped from their mothers dying   …

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Jan 22

Unmitigated Disaster: A report from the oil wastes.

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Unmitigated Disaster.
A report from the oil wastes.

The Bakken oil boom in North Dakota came into sharp focus on Decemeber 30th, 2013 when a train carrying volatile bakken crude derailed and exploded near Cassleton, North Dakota. The story made national and world news, matching recent North Dakota headlines ranging from the recent uncovered not …

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Oct 22

Tesoro refuses to answer any questions about Tioga Oil Spill

(all Timestamps reference this recorded live video)

Tesoro refuses to answer any questions about Tioga Oil Spill
October 13, 2013

        Unedited Media heard about the Tioga oil spill just like everyone else–11 days after it happened.  .It took eleven days for the biggest inland oil spill to be known to the public.

        The spill was eight miles north of Tioga, …

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Sep 22

They call it Liquid Genocide.

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  A story about perspective on childhood:
                                     A friend I’ve known for over a decade, whose indigenous to the lands I …

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Aug 07

Utah Canyon Country Action Camp

Utah Canyon Country Action Camp.
The action camp call was simple, a camp to come and learn the skills in nonviolent direct action(NVDA) to shut down the first tar sands mine in the United States. The camp did as it set out to do. The action stopped all work on the mine site . It was …

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